The members of UniversalSoundShifts combined have decades of experience working on and off stage,

in front and behind the scenes, recording, producing, perfroming and much much more.


This page is a collection of the projects our UniversalSoundShifts members

have been involved with, or are currently involved in, to give you an insight into our collective past and future...


2018 - now


UniversalSoundShifts member Ivo was asked to be Musical Director for the Urban multidisciplinairy theatershow WYZER, initiated by Dukebox: Urban Productions. Together with USS members Sophie, Daniel and Joris several shows were performed under the banner of WYZER, but also in the year leading up to the premiere of the show on Festival Circolo in 2018. The whole project was created in an organic way, and is based upon improvisation and intuitive playing/dancing.

2019 - now


UniversalSoundShifts member Ivo has been conceptualising for a couple of years, which was a personal wish he wanted to realise. More info on this can be found on this part of the site site.

Special small concerts are held AND can be booked for closed groups or individuals, where you focus on meditation and the use of music as a healing tool.


Click on the logo on the top left corner of this website for more info (Dutch only for now). 

Scarlet Stories

Scarlet Stories is a dark progressive rockband from Tilburg, the Netherlands. 'Vingt mille lieues sous les mers' is the first single from their upcoming (succesfully crowdfunded) debutalbum (2019).

UniversalSoundShifts member Bram's main gig is Scarlet Stories, and Sophie appears as a guest musician every now and then!

Check out their website!

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The carnaval in our hometown is a special one, with a lot of local tradition. The original musical style for this is something that has to be your cup of tea. We were challenged to rearrange about 15 songs to create a 2 hour show with a bunch of cool other musicians. Ivo and Sophie (together with Bart van Velzen, Ivo van Harmelen en Hans Tervoort) produced, arranged and performed the show live 4 times in Theater aan de Parade, W2 Concertzaal, P79 and Muzerije (with more to come in the future).


Karmflow: The Rock Opera Videogame


Karmaflow was initiaited by UniversalSoundShifts composer/initiator Ivo. The project brought gaming and musical storytelling together as world's first Rock Opera videogame. The soundtrack was composed by Ivo with help of great musicians and arrangers. The orchestra featured on the album is the award winning and world renowned Het Metropole Orkest, and a cast of 14 international rock and metal singers from bands susch as Dragonforce, Arch Enemy, Epica, Cradle of Filth, Sonata Arctica and more lend their voice to the characters from the game.

Passie voor Wind

May, 2016


UniversalSoundShifts member Sophie was asked to participate in a special project to promote wind energy. She created a composition together with Demira, singer/songwriter. The whole proces was put to film in a 3 part short documentary, where we follow the 2 ladies on their journey to create a composition inspired by wind. The composition was performed for a select audience in front of a windmill in may of 2016. The project was a promotional video for energy supplier Nuon and was produced and filmed by Towel Media. 

Karmflow in Concert

January 14th & 15th, 2015


To celebrate the release of Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame, a special concert was organised at Theater aan de Parade, 's-Hertogenbosch. Het Metropole Orkest, a special Karmaflow band and 10 singers came togther in an interactive live performance. The audience could chose the outcome of certain acts of the show by voting through an (especially for this show) developed app. 

Fashion Show Ingeborg Steenhorst

October 18th, 2015


In 2015 UniversalSoundShift members Ivo, Sophie and Daniel created and performed live music for a fashion show by befriended designer Ingeborg Steenhorst. The concept for the show, and thus the inspiration for the music, came from our disconnect with nature, and how we can change ourselves to become more aware and in touch with all things mother earth has to offer. The show was performed once at the Femme Metal Event, Effenaar, Eindhoven on October 18th 2015, with addiotional musicians Johan Mulder and Rob Willemse on guitars.

Equilibrio: A Rock Opera

June, 2008


UniversalSoundShifts members Joris and Ivo (then as part of the band Xystus) composed, performed recorded and mixed (with help of many others of course) the Rock Opera Equilibrio, which was performed in 2008 with the USconcert ( The show was performed with guest singers Simone Simons (Epica), George Oosthoek (Delain, ex-Orphanage), John Vooijs (Tarzan the musical) and Michelle Splietelhof. The choir/dancers were provided by DAPA. The concert was performed 5 times in front of a total 0f 4400 people. A DVD of the production was selfproduced. 

48h film winner - best music



In 2015 UniversalSoundShift members Ivo, Sophie and friend and collegue Colin van der Lei ( created the score for the 48h film "Pardise9".


The film won prizes for music and cinematography, and was selected as the audience's favourite movie. Short and sweet, we had fun working on this and thought it was worth a mention here!

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