Karmaflow is a rock opera videogame which was a project initiated by Ivo. He composed & produced the music for both the game and the accompanying live shows, whilest fulfilling the role of artictic director for the whole project. A team of over 120 people included: several singers from famous metal bands (Arch Enemy, Dragonforce, Cradle of Filth, Sonata Arctica, Epica and many others) a live band, the world famour Metropole Orkest, four arrangers (who also contributed to writing some of the music) a gamedesign team, make-up and wardrobe artists and many more..

The game is available on STEAM and the soundtrack will be released through our own label on Spotify, iTunes and other big streaming platforms soon.

Sophie and Ivo set up Sophie's Youtube channel together in 2017. We did all art and design, animation, video editting, filming and the music production together.

On the Youtube channel we post video's of music from film, TV and games, with Sophie and her violin as the star!

The X-men theme cover we posted was picked up by the original famous cartoon show's theme composer in 2019, who gave a shoutout to Sophie which was a great honour for the both of us!

The music from the Youtube channel will be available through our own label soon.

Trailer Schatten van de Zeeridder
Camera & Edit Nick Bokkerink
Music Ivo van Dijk
Orch. arrangement Colin van der Lei

Culture Escape was a so called real life game. Think of a crossover between interactive theater and Escape Room, and you have an idea. Ivo created and produced these games with his former company Basecamp Games. Over 40 actors and a production team of 12 people were involved.

The games took place in several heritage locations throughout the Netherland, the history and the stories of these buildings where then used as starting point for the design of the experience. Thus the games also had an educational character.

Trailer Bionaea
Camera & Edit Nick Bokkerink
Music Ivo van Dijk

Equilibrio was a live rock opera performed in 2008 by Ivo's former band Xystus, the Utrechts Studenten Concert, Simone Simons (Epica), John Vooijs (Tarzan), Michelle Splietelhof (Cats), and George Oosthoek (Mayan, Delain, Orphanage).

Ivo wrote most of the music, alongside Joris van de Kerkhof. Both composers were also responsible for the album and DVD audio production and mix. 

The rock opera recordings were self-published and released by the band. Both the live and album recording will be re-released through our own label soon.

Composers Ivo van Dijk, Joris van de Kerkohf
Lyrics Bas Dolmans, Ivo van Dijk
Arrangements Jeppe Moulijn

Audio production Ivo van Dijk, Joris van de Kekrhof

Scarlet Stories are a dark progressive metal outfit from Tilburg, The Netherlands. Friends of ours, and Sophie is part of the band since early 2019.

      "Beautiful atmospheric debut" -NRC.NL                                  Winner of iO Pages Prog Award 2019

In Ivo's hometown of 's-Hertogenbosch, the yearly carnaval celebrations are a big deal. The town is dubbed "Oeteldonk" and a fest of local music and beer drinking commences. Oetelpop brings these local carnaval songs in a modern cover version. The liveshow was held three times now, and Ivo & Sophie both arranged a whole bunch of the songs, and performed them live with a band consisting of over 10 musicians.

Initiative Ivo van Harmalene & Hans Tervoort
Arrangements Ivo van Dijk, Sophie Ansems, Bart van Velzen
Show production Ivo van Dijk & Ivo van Harmelen
Filmed by Sjoerd van Kampen

Both videos on display were edited and animated by Ivo van Dijk.

The live recordings were mixed by  

wYzer is a multidsciplinaire dance performance combining live music with several different styes of Urban Dance.

Initiative Dukebox
Production lead Dewi van Maaren
Musical Director Ivo van Dijk

Dancers Ali Zaned, Len van der Pol, Raemy Abdelsam, Silvan Vasilda, Dewi van Maaren 

van der Pol, Ali Anad, Raemy  en
Live band
Ivo van Dijk, Joris van de Kerkhof, Niek Lathouwers
Film & Edit Minelli Media


Our roles Composer | Ivo
Sounddesign | Ivo & Sophie
Violin | Sophie

Client Firedroid Games

Available in the Google Play and iTunes stores


Our role Composer | Ivo
Mix and mastering by our friends at  Mass Audio

Client Dekker Chrysanten 
Production Company FILMMACHT
Concept and script  Groeier!


Our role Composer | Ivo

Client Anne Dilven

VR- installaion/art exhibition

Our role Concept | Ivo
Composers | Ivo & Sophie

Client Kruithuis 
Production Company Basecamp Games

Short film

Our role Composers | Ivo & Sophie

Additional composer
our friend Colin van der Lei

Short film created for the 48H film project
Winner Best Music

Short film

Our role Composers | Ivo & Sophie

Additional composer
our friend Colin van der Lei

Short film created for the 48H film project

Applied game

Our role Composers | Ivo & Sophie
Sounddesign | Ivo

Additional composer
our friend Colin van der Lei

Score and sounddesign for applied game


Our role Composer | Sophie
Additional composer Demira

Client NuoN 
Production Company Towel Media

Commisioned song

Our role Composer | Ivo
Music production | Ivo

Mix and mastering by our friends at  Mass Audio

Videogame app

Our role Composer | Ivo

Production Company Basecamp Games