UniversalSoundShifts started coming alive somewhere in 2018. The concept quickly turned into a collective of several professional musicians, all with their own background, who all had one thing in common: the simple urge to create music that tells their personal tales. These tales can bring you anywhere: from the serene sounds of tonguedrums, flute and violin, to screaming guitars and dark ambiances that are reminiscent of distant echoes from our past of this great experiment that is the human species.


Every member brings his or her unique flavour into the universe of UniversalSoundShifts, and many ways, forms, shapes and sizes can be found in which the collective presents itself. Check our media section and our projects section to get a taste of what we do. We are always open to collaborate, be part of new projects and to  perform at different and unusual places.


We bring you music that tells our tales, music made for the shift...


IVO VAN DIJK - Percussion

In music for over 20 years, Ivo started out his love for drumming and composing in his band Xystus. Later he composed and performed the rock opera's Equilibrio (2008) and Karmaflow (2015, on-stage with Het Metropole Orkest). He was active both as musician and composer for theatre plays, community art projects, cultural events in his hometown of 's-Hertogenbosch, and much more. In 2010-2014 he studied music at the University of Arts Utrecht, focussing on adaptive music. He found the company Basecamp Games in 2014 of which Ivo was director. Basecamp Games developed several projects in the area of serious gaming and real life games. This led to some serious time away from any musical activity... In 2018 he had to terminate the company due to several issues, and realised he has been neglecting his true heart's passion: Music. When in september of 2017 Ivo acquired a Handpan, he found a new love for percussion. Along with his development in meditation and interest in ancient cultures and Shamanism, these several ingredients led to the first musical concepts for UniversalSoundShifts.

Sophie Ansems - Violin, Flute, Vocals

At a young age, Sophie picked up the violin. She played in several bands, both as singer and violin player. Sophie studied music at the University of Arts Utrecht, where she developed herself as composer for media. Sophie made several TV appearances throughout the years, including performing with "Het orkest van Nederland" in Het Amsterdams Concertgebouw. She also was an important behind the scenes figure in the creative process of Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame, creating lyrics and vocal melodies for the other singers involved. Sophie started her own Youtube channel where she releases covers of music related to film and games, which you can check out here! Sophie also performs as a guest musician for progressive metal band Scarlet Stories.

Check out the projects page for more of Sophie's activities.

Daniel Huijben - Fretless Bass

Active in music for over 20-years, Daniel brings a broad taste of music into the mixture. His love for music ranges from Doom-metal to progressive, symphonic and more experimental work. He is a fanatic collector of music and live-music DVD's. His weapon of choice is his bass, sometimes with, and some times without frets on them. He performed with former Pain of Salvation bassist Kristoffer Gildenlöw, was member of the Dutch Progmetal outfit Cirrha Niva, and currently also plays classic rock covers with Best of Classic Albums LIVE!. Daniel has some heavy sounding stories to tell you through UniversalSoundShifts.

Bram te Kamp - Guitar

Bram studied at the Rock Academy, Tilburg, and kind of rolled into UniversalSoundShifts since he and Ivo started jamming in the summer of 2018 (see the videos on the media page!). His main gig is with his band Scarlet Stories (check out the project page!), progressive metal narrated as a dark fairytale... Bram has a broad taste in music, which reflects in his playing as well.

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